Download Transfer Files Between Two Ios Devices Freeware

The Span Between Two Dates  v.1.5

You would like to identify the span between two exact dates for a particular reason? The will offer you a possibility to do that. With the program, you just supply the two exact dates, and then you are able to view the time that has passed between

Automatic FTP Upload Software To Upload Multiple Files at Regular Intervals  v.9.0

This fully automatic FTP Upload software will allow you to take a more hands off approach to your uploading. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, allows you to transfer files between two computers on the internet and also copy files. Normally the client

IRC file transfer  v.1.2.1

This program can be used to transfer files between two IRC users. When all other ways are not possible. For example when firewall disables all traffic. This utility using UUE encoding, then sends file by number of bots to receiver bot of other

Gtkfxp - A fxp client in GTK  v.0.5

This is a fxp client for GTK. Fxp is a way for you to transfer files between two ftp servers, without the files going through your own computer. This greatly speeds up the transfer if you have a slow line (read:

Cs-ObexFtp  v.2

Using the new C# Dll from swig portability of Openobex/ObexFtp to write a nice GUI able to transfer file between two devices with obex protocol. More Infos here:

OxyFile Free  v.1.0.0

OxyFile is a quick way to transfer files between phone and PC. OxyFile permits you to download and save photos, images, melodies, videos, ringtones, documents, applications, etc. on PC. The program reads data both from phone memory and flash card.

Xftp Free  v.4.0 Build 0081

Xftp Free is a powerful SFTP, FTP file transfer program for MS Windows platforms. When applying XftpFree , MS Windows users can securely transfer files between Unix / Linux and Windows PCs. Xftp Free is a software that allows you to transfer

Aimersoft iPod Copy Manager build  v.2.0.16

iPod Copy Manager is a very convenient tool to transfer files between your computer hard disc and your iPod. With this easy file transfer manager, you can transfer files to your iPod without iTunes with very fast speed. Aimersoft iPod Copy Manager

I-Net Ftp  v.1.0

I-Net Ftp is a utility to transfer files between your PC and remote

Network Speed  v.1.40

Calculates the network speed (transfer rate) between two winsock

Rebex SFTP for .NET  v.2.0.4060.0

Rebex SFTP for .NET makes it easy to transfer files between your application and Unix/Windows SSH servers. All popular SSH/SFTP and proxy servers are supported. Upload data directly to your server without creating temporary disk files. Resume

Java Music Synchronizer (Jmync)  v.1.0

Java Music Synchronizer (Jmync) allows synchronization of music files between two local paths for portable players. It allows you to specify a set of rules determining which files should be included. These rules can be based on file names or on ID3

Ssnooper: a serial line debugger  v.0.9

Ssnooper is a program to created to aid in the debugging of serial line (RS232) connections. With ssnooper, a computer with two free serial ports can be connected between two serial devices to intercept and log all

Syncmin  v.1.0

Syncmin is a Webmin module, which synchronizes files between two systems. To optimize the speed of processing, rsync synchronization technology is used, which only copies file

SecureSync  v.1.0

Simple .NET 2.0 application to synchronize files between two or more computers. This project is not yet working....

JTransplant  v.1.0

JTransplant is a pure java tool to allow the user to transfer data between two remote servers using a GUI on their desktop. Typical use would be moving to a web site from one dedicated server to another or from one virtual account to another.

Automatic Anonymous Proxy (Blind Relays) Finder  v.6

It can collect Anonymous Proxies (blind relays) and test them to make sure they are 100% Anonyomous Automatically just hit the Search button or it can scan for Anonymous proxies between two given IP address.


ESftp is a Windows-based file transfer client application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. With ESftp, you can connect to any FTP server, browse through directories and files, and resume transfer files.

Nokia Multimedia Transfer for Mac OS  v.1.4.1

Enables you to transfer pictures, videos, podcasts, music, and files between your Nokia mobile device and your Mac. - Features a new method for selecting the content to be transferred - Various performance improvements - A new user interface for

Bluetooth File Transfer Beta  v.1.0

This is a Bluetooth File Transfer application for use with mobile phones to exhange files between the PC and the phone. You can retrieve bussines cards, images, music, videos, pictures, recordings from your phone to the PC.

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